Micro-Tronics Industries

Too much to do? Let CraniumIT help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Industrial experience and technicians, and project managers ensure the constant evolution of Cranium IT. Your company’s needs come first in all responsibilities. Thus, our unifying purpose is never failing.

The fast and efficient detection process

One-on-one service is offered by our consultants, while CraniumIT aims at customer satisfaction by dedicating quality efforts to the clients.

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Micro-tech Companies Count On Little Light Team And Our Strategic Approach To Deliver Results.

We work with your company to understand the perfect solution for you. You’ll have a complete say in deciding the team’s focus, resources, skillsets, and design. We are keen on developing long-term partnerships since we’re a human being consultancy.

Cranium IT is one of India’s leading software consulting agencies specialized in IT consultancy in recent years. 

Our team of over 300+ consultants is well-versed with the world’s most advanced database and ERP applications like SAP ERP, AWS, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday, and Salesforce to serve its client efficiently.

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Highly rated company- effortless efficiency

We are the industry leader in providing businesses with fully integrated technology solutions. Our highly-rated legal consulting partners provide their services at an effortless rate that is second to none, with scalable capabilities ranging from basic advice on technology to elaborately extensive walks-through on every single aspect of your operation with comprehensive reviews by each partner every month.

We Promise Progress Worth Notice

IT experts for your small or huge enterprise business. CraniumIT serves Micro-Tronic industries and has extensive experience in this with our consults, field technicians, and experts in various areas of IT. We’re providing the best Oracle Peoplesoft Consulting, AWS Consulting, Salesforce Consulting, Workday Consulting, and SAP consulting for Micro-Tronics industries.

Professional process expertise

Whether it’s Oracle support service, ensuring the stability of your online store, running IT infrastructure diagnostics, or implementing various ways to address new projects — our consultants will efficiently deliver their process expertise. Why not reach us now?

Work smarter, not harder!

You have come here for a reason, and so have we. To make efficient use of your time without losing quality or efficiency. This will give your customers first-rate service throughout 100% of the project lifecycle.

Customized engineering services

CraniumIT’s thorough engineering services provide our customers with the best consulting. With decades of experience in microelectronic manufacturing, design, repair, testing, and troubleshooting we offer the best in industry, and the expertise you can count on. 

Helping you set up your operations

This article will help you set up your operations. It’ll cover the importance of setting up proper operations, what to look for in an operations manager, and the key responsibilities that go along with it.

The IT Edge, by Cranium IT, is professional and private. We with a wide range of businesses of all sizes and industries, making our services scalable and optimizing them for the best results through investigations, inspections, and revisions in your data, helping you take better control of your projects.

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