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Bridging the gap between solution providers and technology.

Cranium IT is a consulting firm bridging the gap between solution providers and technology. The company provides IT consulting services to help companies improve their infrastructures and processes and help them make informed decisions about their IT investments. 

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Cranium IT helps organizations with consulting in various industries.

We offer best-in-class consultancy for challenges as diverse as automotive, Microtech and engineering solutions, SAP, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, and OEM.

Cranium IT is a consulting firm that helps organizations with consulting in various industries. We offer best-in-class consultancy for challenges as diverse as digital transformation, business process management, and data center modernization.

We work with clients to help them successfully execute their digital transformation strategy by identifying the right technologies and solutions for their needs. With our extensive knowledge of business process management, we can identify the most efficient ways to optimize processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. With our deep expertise in data center modernization, we can help you design a strategy that will meet your goals while minimizing risks and costs.

We are proud to have helped a number of organizations with their consulting needs. We offer best-in-class consultancy for challenges as diverse as digital transformation, business development, and managing the supply chain. From a single project to large-scale implementations, we help your business grow.

Get advice from industry experts for your product

We provide a range of services to help you get started with your SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, AWS, Salesforce, & Workday projects. Our team has experience in all aspects of the industry and helps you create a successful project without any hassle.

Expertise you can benefit from on any project

Conceptualize any ROI-boosting HR and finance philosophies or managerial strategies; build healthy sales operations or self-efficiency centers. We can take care of your implementation and management and provides necessary strategic plans.

Tailored for you and your business requirements

Everything we do is tailored to deliver a more significant impact, efficient workflows, and the highest satisfaction rate while ensuring versatility and compatibility with any standard.

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We make the best use of our past experience with technology to grant you unparalleled insight, a process that establishes a real partnership. With us, this could be just what your business needs to innovate and break through any obstacles it faces with its brand management, IT services, etc. We leverage our deep knowledge and skills in sourcing out possible answers, and after that, we deliver these solutions to the client within specified deadlines.

Industry-specific methodology

We carry out an insightful assessment of the complete operations of any given industry via systematic structuring, decision framing, purpose setting, and reporting mechanisms. So as to find methods that are most appropriate for the cultivation of a particular company’s limitless potential.

Boost efficiency, save time and funds

Save time and money and maximize on a prospect with an engine that is crossbred to give your industry a holistic evaluation. Built on years of incalculable industrial experience, we know every vital access point between an idea and the fruits of its labor. The difference between an idea and reality. Whether you need it as a resource consultant to handle order volume or as a facilitator in formulating Big data infrastructure on IoT implementations, and maintenance, we do the rigorous work so that you don’t have to.

Help you make sense of new tech

We live in the digital world, and it’s no longer meaningful to think of a business without technology. If you are looking for a one-stop for everything from SAP to Oracle or AWS development, Cranium IT is your go-to for every IT solution possible you will for your business.

Reliable outsource advice

Cranium IT’s cutting-edge expertise makes outsourcing worry-free, time-saving, and cost-effective since they can be engaged on projects before they start through until the end after either side makes adjustments. Experts are committed to making your project a success!

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