Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Consultants to Leverage your time with automation

AWS/Azure/Hadoop CI helps you with requirements analysis, scoping, test automation, and more — saving your valuable time.

The AI and machine learning consulting space are still in their infancy. It’s a nascent industry that has seen many companies come and go.

While it may seem like there are too many players in the space, this is actually a good thing for the customer. There are so many options that they can choose from based on their needs, budget, and time frame.

CraniumIT is a consulting firm that excels at innovating for clients across many industries. We enjoy a large number of repeat clients and we’re always oriented on providing value over chasing revenue.

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Allround options

Cranium IT provides services in the following areas:

A leader in the nascent, diverse, and highly crowded AI/ML consulting space.

Cranium IT, a consulting firm that specializes in AI and ML, provides services to clients in various industries.

We help clients understand the capabilities of these technologies and how they can be applied to their business. We’ve made it a priority to help clients understand the potential impact Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can have on their business. 

Our team leverages their industry insights and experience to share their knowledge of how these technologies are changing the face of work, how they may be applied, and what they will mean for employees in the future.

Save your time and achieve results with advanced strategies, including research for your campaign objectives, brainstorming for a new product or project, analyzing feasibility, mapping progress, suggesting paths followed by you, introducing analytics into your strategy, etc. Shorten the time it takes to reach your campaign objectives

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CraniumIT Solves the Most Challenging Problems

The biggest challenges faced by customers in AI and Automation are what the technologies can do for them, how they can get past the adoption hurdles, and how to achieve non-linear growth in speed, scale, and agility. Therefore, Cranium IT’s Automation and AI portfolio extend beyond the range of solutions provided by others. It provides vendor-neutral advisory services and prebuilt solution assets on ecosystem partner marketplaces. This helps to handhold customers in their digital journey through identification of the right business problems, defining success criteria, evaluating the right technologies, smooth implementation and adoption, risk and change management, and governance. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation platform is the bridge between Foundational AI algorithm builders and Applied AI. The platform handles all your needs, from building, publishing, metering, and governance to monetization of heterogenous AI solutions.

CraniumIT's offerings of Solutions have been successfully deployed across industry verticals and functions driving the 3E's




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