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Even imaginations are falling short in front of the technologies that we are accessing today. In this era, running a high-tech business can actually be a challenge. You got to be competent, right? To be competent, you require highly avant-garde assistance and tools. That’s where CraniumIT comes into the picture. Cranium IT’s consulting solutions help customers achieve quantifiable business outcomes through our advanced industry and technology expertise.  



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SAP Consulting

CraniumIT helps companies evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their SAP implementations, guides what to look for in a potential partner, and recommends best practices for optimizing the effectiveness of an SAP implementation and maintenance.
Oracle Peoplesoft Consulting
CraniumIT has a team of PeopleSoft consultation experts who work with clients to create their vision for the future and then build it using the latest technology. We're proud to offer our best rates and top quality services with affordable fees.

Salesforce Consulting

We CraniumIT Consulting link all your Salesforce skills and knowledge across numerous industries. We offer a wide range of services, including consulting, training, and education, to help clients transform their businesses with the help of Salesforce.

AWS Consulting

At CraniumIT, we provide enterprise-level solutions for businesses to integrate AWS into their existing infrastructure. We offer software services and support for managing the security risks associated with your business’s IT infrastructure.

Workday Consulting

CraniumIT consultants are not just talented individuals — they're also Workday certified specialists who have proven expertise in leading projects, implementing solutions, and optimizing the effectiveness of Workday's onshore and offshore versions.


Latest Project, Building the Trust and Relationship


CraniumIT is a technology consulting company that specializes in the automobile industry. As an automobile industry consultants, we listen, empathize, communicate with customers, and understand the market.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

CraniumIT professional consulting offer user-centric processes and superior service quality with systematic order and process organization. We provide user experience programs focusing on end-users to improve satisfaction and scalability.


CraniumIT's thorough engineering consulting services provide customers with the best consulting. With decades of experience in microelectronic manufacturing, design, repair, testing, and troubleshooting we offer the best in industry, and the expertise that you can count on.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

At CraniumIT help clients understand the capabilities of technologies and how they can be applied to their business. We've made it a priority to help clients understand the potential impact Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can have on their business.

Engineering Solutions

At CraniumIT we have a pool of experts who provide the best engineering solutions into your project and help you get it done. We work with your team to assess your needs, alleviate risks and reduce costs.

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Cranium Information Technology

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We understand our clients' business needs come first. At CraniumIT, we help industries with authenticated consultation services.

Finest Consulting Services to help Industries Achieve Higher ROI

Educating industries to advance technologies to make their work easier, faster, and more efficient. We assist businesses in understanding the in-depth features of tech to leverage the best outcome. At CraniumIT, we ensure that existing investments are primed for our clients’ agility—to integrate emerging technologies to take advantage of new growth opportunities while streamlining operations. 

We offer an equitable consulting partnership aligned with more line-of-business owners making critical decisions. Our customized Consulting Solutions deliver while leveraging emerging technologies. Cranium IT’s solutions consulting focuses on industry-aligned business solutions and advancing technologies.


Expert team with hands-on experience on every software and tool

Cranium IT supports organizations that do not want to hire critical skills to augment technical capabilities. We have diversified outside traditional staffing solutions and evolved a strategy to provide highly talented and readily available resourcing. We offer flexibility and bandwidth to deploy at very short notice. Cranium IT designs unique solutions to help our clients become more competitive by sizing adequately, thereby helping them make the most from a productive and efficient flexible workforce. Cranium IT’s Short term and long-term Staffing business caters to high-end skills across mainstream and niche technologies that meet our client’s critical staffing needs.  

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With great companies comes great responsibilities and we at Cranium IT have successfully delivered great results.

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Cranium Information Technology

47, Nandi Durga Road, Bangalore 560046. India

CraniumIT FZE

Ras AL Khaimah, UAE.

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