Remote Patient Monitoring

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 With the increase in mobile penetration, rapid changes in the technology scape and the shift towards Accountable care, there is an emerging need for wider adoption of remote patient monitoring services and solutions to help cut healthcare costs, achieve operational efficiencies and enable high quality patient care, round the clock.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a pioneering tele-health solution that addresses the key pain points of various stakeholders of the healthcare system by enabling the exchange and flow of information from the patient’s medical device (outside of hospital) to the clinical staff such as doctors, nurses and para medics.

With connected tools, technologies and platforms, patients, seniors or clinical study participants are not required to stay in the confines of the hospital for observation and can benefit from round-the-clock high quality monitoring and care.

RPM not only helps in monitoring the patients’ medical conditions, avoid medical emergencies and hospital re-admissions, but also helps those in geographically isolated settings to access specialized and preventive medicine.

 RPM is redefining the way healthcare is accessed and delivered and is providing high savings for patients, hospitals and health management groups, payers and third party organization, and is cutting healthcare expenditure by billions.

Challenges and Benefits
  • Shortage of qualified, experienced and skilled medical experts in hospitals and healthcare organisations.
  • Rising cost of accessing and delivering healthcare.
  • Emerging disease patterns, population health trends, rise in chronic medical conditions, senior population, etc.
  • High rate of hospital re-admissions and avoidable medical emergencies.
  • Stress and strain associated with healthcare hospitalisation and follow up care.
  • Increase average length of stay (ALOS) in the hospital
  • High rate of hospitalization episodes leading to more pay-outs by insurance companies.
Cranium IT’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

With focus on convergence of mobility, connectivity and portability of medical and health devices, Cranium IT’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions are designed to help the patient in his journey from Illness to Wellness. Our range of end-to-end RPM solutions include:

  • Setting up of Global Remote Patient Monitoring Centres
  • Clinical Interpretation Services for various medical specialities and sub-specialities
  • Device Monitoring Services
  • IT Services
  • Big Data – Analytics
Remote Patient Monitoring: Solution Features

Our expertise in multiple industry domains, embedded electronics, NMACS and system integration has been leveraged to design and develop the Smart Gateway framework. Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution uses a Smart Gateway framework to create an industry-leading solution that can significantly improve healthcare delivery for chronic conditions.

The Remote Patient Monitoring Services include:

  • High quality clinical interpretation (offshore) services for various medical specialities and sub specialities.
  • Smart Gateway for remote real time data collection from medical devices
  • Support for direct integration of all Continua certified devices
  • Easy integration of any device with a custom protocol through software upgrades
  • Support for IEEE 11073 device communication standards.
  • Flexible architecture with support for multiple device interface options like BLE, BT, NFC, USB
  • Data translation to IHE profiles for hassle free data integration and plug and play connectivity with healthcare enterprises
  • Cloud based data storage and analytics for effective health management and easier decision making
  • Portable, wearable gateway for hassle free movement with support for reminders, video consultation and health management through easy access to communication channels like SMS and email
Why Partner with Us?

Cranium IT a leader in digital enterprise solutions and connected technologies, leverages its competencies such as mobility, networks, application development, process outsourcing, device diagnostics and analytics, with innovative thought leadership to create healthcare solutions of future. Our healthcare solutions touch millions of lives around the world and are a case in point for our unmatched expertise in building and operating complex healthcare solutions.

Since the healthcare market is shaped by three major forces—the payers, providers and the patients, any solution that attempts to change the status quo must address the primary concerns and needs of all these stakeholders. With our proven expertise in Payer, Provider, Life Science & Pharma and Medical devices space, we pioneer solutions that are transformative in nature and are designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the market. Our range of remote patient monitoring solutions and services designed to make remote patient management and home care a reality.

Some additional advantages of collaborating with Cranium IT are:

  • Proven technologies, best practices, and best of industry alliances and partnerships
  • Innovative mind-set and future ready solutions
  • Compliance to all regulations and healthcare and technology standards
  • High quality clinical, business and technology expertise.

With Cranium IT you can:

  • Offer high quality clinical interpretation services to your customers.
  • Integrate medical devices to our Smart Gateway platform for deployment at hospitals and homes
  • Extend critical care monitoring outside the walls of the hospital and reduce hospitalization time using our wearable multi parameter monitoring solution
  • Design of applications for medical device data collection, data analytics and integration with a healthcare enterprise platform
  • Develop remote patient monitoring applications for Android and iOS devices for real time remote patient management
  • Design a standardized and secure data transmission solution between medical devices and back-end systems
  • Design and develop cloud based applications for patient data management
  • Create reports based on a variety of use cases for compliance, device status, critical condition alarms, etc.
  • Reduce cost of service delivery, insurance cost, improve patient experience, outcomes and rationalise costs with Cranium IT’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions And Services